Why collect   rare books

The love of books is bibliophilia, and someone who loves to read, admire, and collect books is a bibliophile. Collect book that you love.

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  What books to collect

  Understanding rare books

  Buying, valuing and caring for rare books

  Understanding books sizes

  First edition books

  How to identify first editions

   Advance Copies, Galleys, Proofs, Manuscripts

   Books as Art

   Small, Fine & Private Presses

   Genres, Fields

   Limited Editions

   Collecting a Single Title

   Collecting an Author


   Illuminated Manuscripts

   Identifying & Collecting First Editions

   Illustrated Books

   Signed Copies


    Limited Editions Club

    Best Books about Book Collecting

    Guide to Paper Types

    Guide to Bindings

    Best Bibliographies    

    Guide to Book Formats & Sizes

    Rare Book Glossary: A to Z of Key Terms

    Guide to Book Conditions

    Common Abbreviations of Book Terms

    Calendar of Book Fairs and Events

    How to Buy Rare Books on AbeBooks

    Valuing Rare Books

    Famous Book Collectors

    Societies and Clubs

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